Monday, July 27, 2009

Hobo Dinners (But Don't Ask Me Where the Name Comes From)

Well, my posts about The Great American 4th of July Cookout may be over, but summer certainly is not over. And neither is cooking out. So I'll share another oldie but goodie in the summer cookout world.

The beauty of this one is it's easy, it's a complete meal, minimal cleanup, it's fun ....oh, yeah....and it's delicious and nutritious. It can easily be made ahead of time -- you could even pop them in the cooler, head up north, throw them on the grill while you set up camp, and once you're done you have a nice hot meal waiting for you.

Start with a piece of tin foil -- about 15"-18" long. I used heavy duty foil to make sure it was sturdy.

Place a hamburg patty in the center.

Add some sliced potatoes -- slice them quite thin so they'll be done at the same time of the other ingredients.

Add some carrot slices -- again sliced thin.

Now some onions.

Lastly, add some cabbage.

Add a second piece of tin foil on top and fold around all edges, forming a good seal. If desired, you get use two pieces on top so you could create a seam down the center (makes it easier to check on cooking progress).

Here are all of mine bundled up and ready to head out to the grill.

Cook on a lower heat grill. I placed mine a little higher up, too, so it would not burn on the bottom. Flip at least once. Mine cooked in about 30 minutes. But simply check on yours to insure that it's cooking, but not burning.

Enjoy! And then go have some fun, there's no dishes to do!

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